Club Kit Reminders

Club Kit Orders Reminder
See below news for details how to collect, if any items do not fit then please see the club policy on this, link here below, first offer it to others, if not then do not use it, retain all wrappers, ensure you know the correct price you paid and the club…

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Latest kit order now arrived

I've now got the latest order of kit from Champion Systems. I'll bring it to the next club night (12/10/16). If you want to make other arrangements for collection please contact me here


vacancy in the club

Those who attended the AGM will note our treasurer Peter Shuttleworth will be doing our accounts for one more year and then will be retiring, obviously the club can not function or continue without this role filled. Hopefully we have someone in the club with existing skills to …Read more

Final Clubmans Sprints tables

Final Results of the season long Clubmans Sprints, winner is Martin Coulthurst, until next year when battle restarts Jan 1st 2017.

1. Martin Coulthurst - 597 points ave speed 22:42mph   
2. Anthony Saynor -  595 points ave speed 22:20mph
3. Steve Whiteside - 591…
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1st Tuesday in Month Ride details

TUESDAY 4th OCTOBER. Cleveleys Road Club invite all clubs on their social ride to Kirkby Lonsdale. Route, out to Cockerham via Union Lane, Bay Horse, Quernmore, Halton Green, Arkholme, lunch at KL. Return, Gressingham, Loyn Bridge, Wray, (optional Stop), Caton Green, Forest …Read more

Last Nights AGM

A good turnout for the AGM last night, good to hear positive direction and feedback from the members too. Minutes will be distributed to the membership as soon as possible. Just to clarify we can play videos etc in our HQ and members (as we have done in the past) can set up…Read more

1st Tuesday All Clubs Ride

A date for your diary. TUESDAY 4th OCTOBER. The CRC touring/social ride will be to Kirkby Lonsdale. All clubs welcome. Details nearer the time.

Club Kit Stock

Club Kit Order and stock, this should be arriving next few weeks, we do actually carry some stock as well, this for those odd items you may require but also to assist members with sizing before they place their online orders.
Stock will be topped up each order and when our next…

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AGM Wednesday - Important

We hope to see a good attendance on Wednesday, there are three important motions on the Agenda for you to have a say about, if you do not attend then you will have no say in the matters, all three items are to help the club move forward and positive moves. The usual reports will …
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Muck on Road

Walmsley Bridge Lane - A farmer has dropped tons of assorted mud and agricultural waste over a stretch of the area amounting to almost half a mile from the Whitechapel side of the bridge right out onto Scotch Green Lane to a depth of around 2 inches.

Clubmans Sprints Updated

Martin gets a fast one in with just 9 days left and tops the table again.

1. Martin Coulthurst - 597   
2. Anthony Saynor -595
3. Steve Whiteside -591      
4. Darren Tremble -585       
5. Bill Hallahan -…
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Touring Group miles and miles

Our morning touring ride, headed to Jeffrey Hill on sunday, usually this ride is around 40/50 miles but with nice weather and everyone happy for a bit extra some were upto 70 miles by the time they were home. The Touring Group set up a year or so back now has really progressed …Read more

Top Race from DaveT

Race result our Dave Turner having a fantastic season of high placings and here is another: Springfield Financial 10m TT Sun 18 Sep on Levens L1015, 6th with 20:30. Winner Steve Irwin (North Lancs RC) with 18:50.

Clubmans Sprints Table - tie at the top

Anthony has gone top of the tables on countback, points are equal with Martin, can Martin sneek an improvement in with just 12 days left to the end of the competition.

1. Anthony Saynor -596
2. Martin Coulthurst - 596      
3. Steve Whiteside…
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Club Hot Pot & Awards Night

The date this year will be the final club night of 2016, Wednesday 7th December, kick off around 8pm as soon as we can get the hot pot heated and served, we would appreciate some members come down early 7:30 onwards to help set up tables and chairs and help with food and drink …
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