This time around it will be Club Night Wednesday 6th February 2019.
Reminder, see below for full News, our own Chris Naylor a UCI Commissaire is giving a talk to our members, there will be photos on the big screen and free hot food as well and we will also be celebrating one of our own John Rushton who recently passed away.  Come down to the …Read more
CTT National Agenda is available, a few propositons to note, more motions on lights front and rear.
Renewals have gone well this year, all done very quickly thanks members for your prompt payments and hope you enjoy another year with the club. There are just a few outstanding now, please renew asap, those not renewed by end of November will be deemed no longer a member and …Read more
President - Harry Colledge
Chairman - TBC
General Secretary - Gil Davies
Membership Secretary - Steve Anderson
Treasurer - Terry Bamford
Publicity - Steve Whiteside
Club room - Mick Smith
Social Sec - Mick Black
Time Trial Sec - Derek Parknson
Touring Secretary - Gordon Peel.
Calling all Members
Keep 5th December free for the last CRC Meeting of 2018. 
Chris Naylor will becoming to talk about his UCI Commissaire experiences with audio-visual bigscreen assistance. 
This Meeting is as a celebration of John Rushton's life and long service to CRC,…
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Our order for 10 items has gone through, this included three items for club stock as well being bib shorts in medium, short sleeve jersey tech lite club cut medium black version and short sleeve jersey tech lite club cut medium in the summer white version. Tech Lite is the entry …Read more
Reminder, it is the club annual AGM on Wednesday at Singleton Village Hall, shouldn't take long, members come along and listen to the minutes ask questions and raise matters as you wish.
Awards Night this time will now have to be in the new year, likely same format at Singleton Hall with free hot pot and free raffle, no date set yet, so plenty of time to think about nominations for clubman of the year and blockhead award.
Looks like we now have ten items so the order will proceed, still time to add any more orders if anyone requires kit.
We only have six items and in order to proceed to production we must order 10 items, the order window will be extended to allow more members to order, we cannot keep extending so if 10 items are not met then the order will cancelled.
Edit - order is now open to 21st October should…Read more
Anne and Susan would like to thank all those members, past and present, who turned out in force today to remember their Dad, John Rushton. They took great pleasure in being able to recall their early days when helping out at the Blackpool Cycling Weekend and meeting again some of …
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quick reminders coming soon, AGM members please turn up and approve the various agenda items, accounts and reports and feel free to ask questions under AOB.  Monthly Club Night is back and not too far away Awards Night as well.
If you need some help about what is available and advice on the garments and links to them, then ensure you are logged-in to the CRC website and click the link below 
Club nights
These will be starting again, this time on a monthly basis, first Wednesday of the month at Singleton Village Hall, 8pm until 10 pm. (Apart from the agm on the 24th of October.) First of the new meetings will be Wednesday 7th November.
Club nights are a benefit of club…
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John Rushton Funeral DetailsJohn Rushton Funeral - I now have the the details for John’s funeral.

The funeral will be on Friday 12th October. There will be a church service at St Albans RC Church, Kilnhouse Lane, St Annes at 11.00am followed by a burial service at Lytham Crematorium at 12.15. Following that…Read more

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