Club Kit, a few questions were raised at the AGM last night about availability and prices, so here is some guidance.
Our supplier is Champion Systems who also supply professional trade teams, their garments are high peformance and quality, they have a three level range to choose from, the basis CS Tech lite short sleeve jersey is only £35 and is the entry level. Along with this many features are included in the garments for no extra price.

Our members have previously told us that previous club kits were not of a good quality, this was a factor when we chose this supplier along with direct member ordering available. The quality compares with some of the well know high end brands on the high street.

The Club does carry stock as well, members can check what we hold here

Members can purchase stock from the club by contacting our kit manager Craig Miller he will either bring the stock to a club night or you may go to see him, club stock can also be used just to try on for size before ordering yourself if unsure.

The club can "open" an order on the Champion Systems Portal website for members anytime we wish and as many times as we wish, minimum orders are 10 main items for an order to proceed, if their is a member shortfall the club will always make it up to 10 or more for stock the benefit being members will always get their orders fast.

Once we open an order we have to set a "closing date" obviously the shorter the better as once the order closes it goes straight to production and delivery is now only 4 weeks after closing.

Club Kit is sent direct to the club kit manager who will check all is well with the package and orders and that members are paid members of the club, members do have to pay their own p&p though.

So as you can see kit is easily obtainable and even if we do not have stock to suit it only takes 4 weeks, all we need is a little help from members by communicating to us that you require kit, please use our media sites for this in particulary our website forum as this permanently records your messages, otherwise feel free to just let the kit manager know or another member of the committee. There is a Forum Topic now set up for members to post to from now onwards if you need club kit so that the club can open an order.

We also have a club kit policy please ensure you have read this, the club provides some good provisions for members, if you order and find it is the wrong size the club will buy it from you for stock providing unused and all wrappers are with it.

There is plenty of assistance for you on the website, log in and go to Notice Board/All Notices here are two useful guides Champion Systems Club Kit Help & Tips and Club Kit Policy (sizes) and Returns.

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