Having seen Bill Patman's video clip of his close-pass nr Wrea Green, I just want to wish all motorists a Merry Xmas.

Apart from the ignorant numpties I encountered today with Gary Acton.

As follows

Shard Lane on slush so riding just outside or inside white line - Horn, punishment pass and braking twice after having a fist shaken at him (obviously looking for a reaction in his mirror - probably the only time he uses it)

Main road nr Stakepool - Van "PowerSpray" - close overtake on slush and cut in so sprayed us liberally with ice.

Approaching Winnmarleigh - pulled over on ice-free stretch to allow overtake by a couple of vehicles and then moved off. Hunderd yards later Speedy Gonzales Farmer Ape overtook when we were on ice giving minimal room and then stopped and objected because I called him stupid for not waiting. Drove a hundred yards more and stopped at his destination, more abuse and jumped out to threaten until told he was on full video+sound. Mitsubishi SUV DN04 VEU

Mains lane nearly at River Wyre.  many vehicles overtook without having to cross white line to give us plenty of room until Arrogant Mr Peugeot DA52 RAE jams horn on, overtakes still horning and does a punishment swerve across my front wheel.

Nice relaxing day out in full Xmax spirit as every other driver seemed to realise we were on slush and gave us plenty of room, waiting until it was clear. Just a few pratts to try to ruin it.

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