This week the interviewee wished to remain anonymous, but the clues are there.......

1. Name - Uncle Fester
2. How many years been a member - 3-4 years I think
3. What Club Rides do you take part in - Inters when can hold on, mainly solo
4. Do you wear club kit - Yes black jersey is my favourite, best kit on the Fylde
5. How many miles suits you - I like my centuries
6. Favourite or most hated climb - Jubes, Jubilee Tower that is
7. Best place ever cycled - Mallorca, a great mix of everything and La Mumbas in the evening
8. Favourite cafe grub - Anything unhealthy
9. Most miles ever cycled in one day - 130 miles a few years ago with fellow club rider Steve Sanderson
10. Dream Bike - Bought it, my plastic Trek Madone 9, awesome machine well beyond my capabilities
11. Cycling goals to achieve - Double century next summer for sure
12. Any cycling tips for your clubmate - Get up early and ride 👍

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