Another member answers the questions and wishes to remain anonymous ! We all know who you are though !!

1. Name - Captain Slow
2. How many years been a member - 5 years
3. What rides do you take part in - Sunday Gruppetto & Remoulds
4. Do you ware club kit - Usually
5. How many miles suits you - 50-70 miles
6. Favourite or most hated climb - Favourite Ribchester from Jeffrey Hill, most hated - Bourne Brow (nothing of a climb just don't like it either way)
7. Best place ever cycled - Way of the Roses
8. Favourite Cafe Club - Tea cake usually but Bacon butte for a treat
9. Most miles ever cycled in one day - 108 miles
10.Dream Bike - one that doesn't puncture
11.Cycling goals to achieve -  Complete round the world (25k miles) in 3 years (thats not nonstop before anyone says it!)
12.Any cycling tips for your clubmate -  Cycle at my pace - you get to see the scenery and the bacon butty won't go cold

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