I was invited to the opening night of the new concept bike store/cafe/training facility in Blackpool on the 1st February, so I went for a recce (and to eat the butties and test out the coffee machine.) For those familiar with the town, it is on Coleridge Rd and used to be Boococks Glass warehouse. I invited Syd Bloom and Colin Worth as other Cleveleys representatives, oh and Pete Lea to finish off the canapés. Walk into the not-quite-finished building and you are in the main cafe and lounge area. Bring your bike in and hang it on the rack for safety. Off this central area is a clothing and bike store with an impressive range of bikes up to 10k. Plenty of stock to come yet though.
Behind that is the bike workshop. Walk past the cafe and into the training and bike-fitting area where 20 or so “turbo bikes” are bolted to the floor and wired to a laptop with an array of training, assessment and racing modules which are displayed on a large screen. Upstairs is a Wellness Studio with a yoga and pilates floor and locker and shower facilities.
It’s a one-stop shop for all your cycling requirements. It has meeting facilities so it could be hired as a bike club venue. They will have training rides and coaching. They offer a full range of membership levels starting at £10 per month or at the other end of the scale, an eye-watering 120 sqids per month. Or you can also simply drop in for a coffee after your ride.
I’ll not go on but I’ve only touched the surface here. It has a website cybelevelo.com It’s on fb and twittle. So look it up or, better still, drop by for more details. It is open Fri, Sat, Sundays only at the moment.

The frontman is Scott Leadbetter. He’s put a massive amount of time, work and resources into this project and hope for him it’s a great success.
Dave Balshaw

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