Fracking at Roseacre Wood

whatever your views on this matter, if everything proceeds it will have an impact on cycling safely in the area, the purpose of this news item is just awareness should anyone wish to get actively involved and does not reflect the view of Cleveleys Road Club.

Currently the County Council have raised objections to the proposed routes to supply the fracking site at Roseacre.  The proposal would have meant the widening of some lanes, removing tight bends and providing passing places for traffic. The objection states the effect it would have on other road users and specifically mentions cyclists.

One of our members Les Cross former chairman of the club and active member of the then CTC has always campaigned for better safer roads and facilites for cyclists, he spoke 10 years ago against the proposed spring water bottling plant at Bleasdale as president of the North West Lancashire DA on behalf of the CTC and was able to speak at a public hearing in front of an ombudsman at Poulton Council Chamber. Together with other local objections the problem was averted. Les asks if anyone would take up this challenge he would give any help he can. If you wish to be involved contact Les directly or through the club and we will put you in contact with him.

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