RACE REPORT from racing team member Nick Higgionson - circuit of ingleborough SpoCo time trial - course pb by 3 and a half mins over last year - 1:25:18 @18.5mph

Wasn’t looking forward to this during the drive down. Torrential rain that continued until about 15 mins before my start time. But then it all cleared up so I braved getting out of the car. Not too cold for the first half but was pretty cold up high and into the cloud where snow was still piled up by the roadside in places. Very tricky course this. Lots of changes in gradient and fast downhills with rough road surfaces, bits of gravel and mud on bends. And a few wet cattle grids! The long climbs aren’t too much of a problem, it’s the short sharp ones that knock your rhythm. Anyway I’m pleased with that

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