1 . Name. Graham Meek
2. How long been a member : I’ve been a member for 1 year
3. What club rides do you take part in .Mainly grupetto weekday rides with occasional weekend ride.
4. Do you wear club kit. Nearly always wear club kit on club rides and usually on solo rides
5. Preferred riding distance 40 to 70 miles occasionally more. Also like shorter quicker solo rides.
6. Most hated climb... near my daughter’s house in North Wales ,close to a place called Loggerheads. It’s a swine.
7. Best place cycled. Did End to End from Lands End on mountain bikes with my friend Clive. We carried tents and camped out most days. 1100 miles in 20 days... very pedestrian... loved it.
8. Favourite cafe grub. A cappuccino and cake does me fine.
9. Most miles in 1 day. 125 on CW sportive in 2016. Very flat apart from Mow Cop at 100 miles which was a bugger.Finished with a timed lap of Oulton Park. ... could have done without that!!
10.Dream bike. Wouldn’t mind a Pinarello Dogma F10.
10.Cycling goals left to achieve. Nothing specific, just want to keep the passion going until the day I snuff it.
12. Any cycling tips for your club mates. Wouldn’t dare say. They think they know best!!!!

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