Dave Thorpe's funeral
Please note that the provisional time/date of the ceremony is 11.30 on Thursday 3rd May at Poulton-le-Fylde Cemetery on Garstang Road East (just past Poulton Industrial Estate on the same side of the road). You will see from Anne's message below that Dave's wish was that all those attending the
ceremony should be dressed either in black or in lycra - the latter hopefully forming a bike cavalcade to accompany the hearse. Can I ask that all those whose intention it is to attend by bike:

a. convene near Anne & Dave's bungalow on the corner of Poulton Road, Carleton between 11.00 and 11.10 in order to accompany the funeral cortege;
b. please pass this message on to anyone else that you can think of who would be keen on attending as this list of e-mail addresses is far from exhaustive or definitive.

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