Some members have enquired about a cooler jersey for summer, with this in mind the club has approved a "white" version of our kit to keep riders cooler on those hot days or perhaps on rides abroad.
With this in mind a design has been done and almost finalised, see the link on our website forum for the latest design which will be the one with black side panels most likely, bit better match to the shorts, no other design changes are permitted other than just this background colour change.
We hope to have this available as an option in the CS portal very soon, ensure you choose the right templates when ordering ie Black, Black/Gold or White options.
We will try our best to get a kit order open before end of this month and if we close it at the end of May then CS state 4 weeks so delivery would be end of June hopefully some summer left over.

Please watch the website for for further updates and Kit Order open news.

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