Members have asked for a summer jersey in lighter colours to keep the body cooler on those hot days, discussion on the club website forum have lead to the club approving a "white" version of the current club design, no other changes have been made to the design or any other garments, just the upper items will
be available in the white version. The approved template design is now shown in our forum topic here :

The club will any day now be opening up a club order, keep a check on the home page right hand side to see if the ordering icon states "Open", then log-in to the Champion Systems website to order your kit, members can order anything they wish at this time as well, you might want some winter kit in advance for example. If there is no template available for whatever item you want you can still order the item using the drop down menu on the CS site and it will ask you to choose an existing club template to base the design from, CS send us a design and we just approve it.

The CS website is here if you wish to have a look around

There are also more expensive jerseys available to keep you cooler, Apex Summer and Apex Lite

Since the introduction of the current kit design we have seen an uptake in more members riding club colours, this looks more organised on the road and promotes the name of the club to none club riders who might be interested in joining, if you are wearing for example a Trade Team top then our name gets
overlooked to potential new members. We still do have a lot of members that are not riding in club kit and whilst not a club rule we do really want to see more and more members support and promote the club in our kit. Remember CS do a full range of all year round garments.

If cost is a concern then CS do a basic short sleeve jersey the Tech Lite at just £35, this is in fact still a high quality garment and great value, see here 

Another great way to promote your club all year around is simply to wear a Gilet, useful anytime of the year and can be packed up small, the basic one is the CS Wind Vest at £47.

The club also offers members a free jersey (members can pay for upgrades to other items) within it's club awards. Clubman of the year wins a jersey and more recently approved, marshalling or helping at any four time trial events in our area again wins a free jersey, see here

The Club Order will only open for a very short time period as we know members are keen to get the summer white jersey as quick as possible, once we close the order window, CS promise 4 weeks to delivery.

Club Kit Policy is here, it is members responsibility to order the correct items:-

Club Kit Tips help here

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