Very close battle this year, seven members have put times down and four have done the required four distances and no doubt will be looking to improve these further before the competition closes on 30th September, club jersey for the winner and medals for 2nd and 3rd places. Derek Parkinson leads the tables just from Dave Turner and several members still need to complete all four required distances. Just for fun I have calculated the average speeds for each rider as well.

1. Derek Parkinson      478 Points (ave speed 23.88mph)  - 4 rides
2. Dave Turner             477 Points (ave speed 24.01mph)  - 4 rides
3. Steve Whiteside       471 Points (ave speed 23.00mph)  - 4 rides
4. Nick Higginson         464 Points (ave speed 20.96mph)  - 4 rides
5. Martin Coulthurst      235 Points (ave speed 22.57mph)  - 2 rides
6. Anthony Saynor       118 Points (ave speed 23.95mph)  - 1 ride
7. Richard Swizalski     116 Points (ave speed 21.66mph)  - 1 ride

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