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2 months 4 weeks ago #4679 by webadmin
forum use was created by webadmin
I've tidied the forum up a bit. There's been calls to make it smaller but since looking through it i've realised it's not been used as it should do.

We need to start posting new topics in a catagory rather than keep replying to the named topic. i.e. you can post a topic called 'blimey that was a tough ride' in the inters section rather than keep replying to the inters topic.

I've now locked all old topics to prevent the threads getting any larger. I cannot delete old posts in a topic i can only delete the whole topic so for me to tidy up old stuff i need them to be in different topics. For that reason i've kept some catagories so we know what you're posting about.

If you want me to create any new catagories please let me know

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