Constitution, Rules & Awards updated 11.7.17


(amended AGM Sept 2016)


1. The name of this body, hereinafter called "the club" shall be the Cleveleys Road Club.

2. The club colours are dark blue, light blue and gold.

3. The objects of the club shall be to facilitate cycling in all its aspects.

4. Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application being accepted by the Committee regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis.

5. Only club members will be allowed to vote at General Meetings.

6. The club shall appoint from its members such Officers as shall be deemed necessary.

7. The management of the club shall be vested in the Committee consisting of the Officers of the club, i.e. President and Vice Presidents ex officio, Chairman, Secretary,  Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Road Race Secretary, Time Trial Secretary, Touring Secretary, Clubroom Secretary, Social Secretary, Off-Road Secretary, Publicity Officer, Records Secretary, such special Committee members as shall be deemed necessary and two lady members unless there is one lady already appointed to an official position.

8. All funds of the club shall be under the control of the Committee.

9. In the event of a deficiency occurring in the funds of the club all members of the club shall be equally liable to meet such a deficiency.

10. In the event of the club disbanding all the balance of the accounts shall be held in trust in the bank until fit and proper persons are willing to re-form the club. The bank shall be appointed as Trustees of the Trust Fund.

11. This constitution may only be amended by the majority of those present at a General Meeting called for that purpose. Copies of the Agenda giving particulars of proposed amendments shall be available to all members at least fourteen days before the meeting.


1. These Standing Orders shall be applicable to all members and Committee Meetings.

2. Meetings to discuss any business of the club shall be held in accordance with the rules.

3. In the absence of the Chairman the members present shall elect a temporary Chairman who shall preside until the arrival of the Chairman.

4. The Chairman shall have a casting vote but shall not have power to adjourn any meeting without the consent of the meeting.

5. The Chairman shall have power to decide points of order and the priority of the speakers and his decision upon these matters and upon the interpretation of the normal rules of debate shall be final.

6. Any matter not on the Agenda may be brought forward without notice provided that it does not involve alterations to the Constitution, Rules or Standing Orders and subject to the consent of the meeting.

7. Items for inclusion in the Agenda of a General Meeting shall be in the hands of the Secretary at least twenty eight days prior to the meeting. Copies of the Agenda shall be available to all members at least fourteen days before the meeting.

8. The Secretary shall be instructed at the conclusion of any General Meeting regarding the items to be released for publication. A bulletin shall be issued after each Committee Meeting with the exception of those items which the Committee deem as confidential.

9. If an organisation approaches the club asking for assistance with an event that they are organising, the committee shall consider such requests.


1. Any individual desiring to become a member of the club shall complete the club's Application Form or apply online with the joining fee, membership will be approved by the membership secretary and one other member of the Committee subject to the following. At any future time should three or more members raise an objection a committee meeting shall decide the suitability of an individual for continuing membership. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

2. (a) The Joining Fees are:-

Club Membership £20 over 18 years of age, £10 from 16-18 years, £5 under 16 years, £10 unwaged or students not in full-time employment.
New members shall pay the above subscription on date of joining with a discount of 50% mid way through the club year. New members will be considered as having not been a previous member in the last twelve months at the time of applying. Members will indicate whether or not they represent this club in racing events.
2. (b) For recruitment purposes, and when deemed necessary, the club may advertise special free benefits to members of the public for three months only where they have never previously been a member of any cycling club.

3. All members riding with the club must be covered for third party insurance. Evidence of this must be produced at the time of paying subscriptions. Anyone not covered for third party insurance (Example: as a member of the BC or CTC) may arrange this cover through the club at the time of paying their club subscription.

4. The accounts of the club shall be certified by two independent auditors who are not members of the club.

5. Only established members of the club shall be entitled to vote at meetings and General Meetings. At no meeting shall any person have more than one vote.

6. The club President shall be elected every five years by the AGM for one term only from the Vice-Presidents and shall upon election become an honorary life member of the club.

7. Any person whom the club wish to honour because of their services to the club can be made an Honorary Vice-President at a General Meeting and shall also become an Honorary Member. Honorary Membership of the club may also be awarded by the Committee to any person who they consider to have furthered the aims of the club or cycling in general.

8. The Annual General Meeting will be held in September. The financial year will end on the 31st August.

9. A half-yearly General Meeting may be held in March each year.

10. No Rule or Standing Order may be altered, added to or deleted without the consent of the majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting.

11. The Secretary should convene a Committee Meeting as and when necessary and a General Meeting at the request of not less than one half of the members of the club.

12. The Committee shall have the following powers:-

(a) To appoint from the club, sub-committee to consider and report on any specific matter.

(b) To fill any vacancies that may occur in the Committee and/or Officers during the year.

(c) To adjudicate on any subject not provided for in the Club Rules.

(d) Generally to carry on the club's business in accordance with the Constitution, Standing Orders and Rules.

13. The Committee shall have full power to expel or otherwise deal with any member guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests of the club. Any member who is expelled or who resigns from the club shall relinquish all benefits offered by the club and shall return all properties belonging to the club.

14. No member of the club shall draw money from the club funds without first having the authority of the Committee.

15. The Committee shall have full power to expel a member who does not show an active interest in the club for a period of three months without giving an acceptable reason.

16. Any member of the Committee who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without giving a satisfactory reason for his/her absence shall cease to be a member of that Committee.

17. No one shall be elected to the Committee unless he/she has been an effective member for the previous twelve months or has been appointed to a sub-committee during the previous twelve months.

18. A Racing Committee may be formed from the racing members of the club and shall be represented on the Central Committee by the Racing Secretaries.

19. Duties of Secretary:

(a) To compile and keep an up-to-date register of all members.

(b) To Convene meetings in accordance with the Rules.

(c) To keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of all meetings.

(d) To attend to all correspondence.

(e) Generally to conduct the business of the club in accordance with the instructions of the Committee.

20. Duties of Treasurer:

(a) To keep an accurate account of all monies received on behalf of the club.

(b) To discharge the financial liabilities of the club as instructed by the Committee.

(c) To prepare a statement of all financial transactions during the year which statement shall, after being certified by the Auditors, be presented to the Annual General Meeting.

21. All rides are not led and each person is responsible for their own safety, riders taking part in Club rides do so at their own risk. Members are responsible for the road worthiness of their cycle and should their cycle be considered unsuitable the rider will be advised accordingly. Cycles must be such as not to cause delays to the main group due to continual breakdown and repairs. Riders are expected to carry basic tools and spare inner tubes.

22. Duties of Records Secretary:

To keep a concise record of all performances by members in events recognised by the club.


1. Members competing in racing events must abide by the rules and regulations of the appropriate governing body.
1(a) For Time Trials events shall be any Events run under CTT rules. Proof of times may be requested.
1(b) For all Road Racing except for Veterans events shall be any Events run under BC or TLI rules.
1(c) For Veteran Road Racing events shall be any Events run under BC, TLI or LVRC rules.

2. The club shall hold annual competitions as below, claims and evidence for awards in these must be made at the end of the season.

3. In all competitions members eligible for Youth, Junior or Veteran championships their age will be that as of 1st March for the whole season. Youth under 16, Juniors under 18, Seniors under 40, Veterans 40 and over. Awards are only open to riders who do not race for another club or team.

4. Additional Awards may be presented by Racing Committee when felt necessary. Where suitable disposable trophies should always be awarded together with club short sleeve jerseys.

5. The Hill Climb will be run by the club or nominated by the Committee from any local, open, semi-open, club or other event deemed suitable.

6. The Club Time Trial Championship will be based on points for speed as shown below per race and includes, evening events, hill climbs, hilly time trials, standard time trials of any distance and any NLTTA events. The winner is the rider with the most points after the last event of the season usually the NLTTA combined clubs (boxing day 10 excluded). In the event of a tie, joint prizes will be presented.

7. The following Awards List shall define the parameters for deciding Awards:-


Club Time Trial Champion, 1st (SS Jersey & trophy) , 2nd (trophy) 3rd (trophy)
Clubmans PETTS 1st (SS Jersey & trophy) , 2nd (trophy) 3rd (trophy)
Clubmans Sprints 1st (SS Jersey & trophy) , 2nd (trophy) 3rd (trophy)
Hill Climb 1st, 2nd, 3rd (trophies)
Barry Hufton Trophy 1st (specific trophy)
Veterans Fastest on Standard (trophy)


Veterans - 1st (using VTTA tables) in 10,25,30,50,100,12hr and 24 hr TTs (Certificates for 2nd and 3rd Fastest)

Club Time Trial Championship

<20mph -20 points
21mph - 21 points
22mph - 22 points
23mph - 23 points
24mph - 24 points
25mph - 25 points
26mph - 26 points
27mph - 27 points
28mph - 28 points
29mph - 29 points
30mph - 30 points
31mph - 31 points
32mph - 32 points
33mph - 33 points
34mph - 34 points
35mph - 35 points



Youth Championship 1st and 2nd
Youth Criterium Championship  Gold Medal

Junior Championship 1st,2nd and 3rd (to be decided points on best 6 performances)
King of the Mountains Silver Medal

Senior Championship 1st,2nd and 3rd (to be decided points on best 6 performances)
King of the Mountains  Silver Medal

Veteran Championship 1st,2nd and 3rd

Open Awards

Most Meritorious Ride Gold Medal
Most Improved Rider   Silver Medal
Best in Stage Race    Trophy


Club Merit Award - trophy awarded by Club Secretary for Service to the Club.
Clubman of the Year Award - Jersey decided by Committee for Service to the Club.
Blockhead Award - by Popular Vote - trophy (usually at Presentation Night)
Miles Muncher Award - trophy most Races (all disciplines) ridden in the Season.
Marshalling/helping at any four time trial events in one season in the North District - Jersey (includes open, evening, PETTS, inter clubs, district events, combined clubs-all and any TT events.)

Clubmans Sprints 5/7.5/10/15 miles (open to all club members)

Clubmans Sprints Rules 2018 -  a new yearly challenge for any "paid member of CRC" to have a go at, there will be awards at the end of the year.
No TT Bikes or clip on bars allowed, no group riding or 2up riding, just ride your everday road bike.  Be honest with your times, these are not races, ride appropriately on the highway at all times, please do not publish these publicly on Strava, this is a challenge for club members only.  
Members can ride these just for fun, improving fitness, setting a goal, beating your club mate, learning to pace and control your effort, ride them whenever you want through the year post your improvement times in the separate Results Topic and a League Table will be published through the year. Competition runs from 1st January to 30th September only times done between these dates count, all results must be submitted before midnight on 1st October.
Only results posted in the Clubmans Sprints Tables Topic in the website forum or emailed direct to SteveW or a private Facebook message will count, also do not send me text messages. I will not take any from anywhere else, so do not post your times on our facebook page I do not and will not monitor facebook where feeds fall off the page, I have better things to do with my time I do enough for the club please do not abuse this, it is upto you to submit your times.
Finish Points are those shown in the photographs in the forum topic and not what Plotaroute says or what distance your device states, for example the 5 mile distance is actually 5.03 and your average speed will be calculated against that. Please only post your times, your average speed will be calculated by me on a spreadsheet.
Prizes are a Club Jersey & Trophy for the overall winner, trophies for 2nd and 3rd place. To qualify you must have ridden all four, points will be awarded for placings based on 120 points for 1st, 119 points for 2nd etc in each distance, as this is an informal fun members competition I reserve the right to make up the rules, any ties then highest placings will be looked at or I may request a "ride off".
No Prizes will be awarded to anyone who is not a paid member on our Awards Night, so ensure you renew on time.

Club Notes/Guidance/Inventory
(this is not part of the Constitution but held here for safe keeping)

CRC Events Policy (agreed in October 2009)

When CRC are approached with requests for assistance with the running of an Event, Committee shall consider such requests and make recommendations to Members by categorising Events as follow:

1) The Event is beneficial to CRC and its image and shall therefore have full Committee support.
Details will be circulated to Members to assist as part of the Club.
Club clothing may be worn.

2) The Event is worthy of support but not officially by CRC as such.
Details may be circulated about the Event but Members advised that support should be given as individuals rather than as CRC Members.
Club clothing should not be worn.

3) The Event is not worthy of  CRC support and details will not be circulated to Members.

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