Guide to Cycling 3rd Party Insurance

"You Are Not Insured"

This statement is only partly true, many cyclists do hold third party insurance through being
members of a body that includes such cover, British Cycling 85,000 membership and
Cyclist Touring Club 70,000 membership, thus 155,000 cyclists on our roads hold third
party liability cover. Many Cycling Clubs insist you hold third party liability insurance as a condition of
membership. If you are not in a proper cycling club then you should ensure you take out
cover yourself.
Unfortunately things do happen out on the highway or even off-road and you never know
how things can turn out whether between cyclists and vehicles, cyclists and property,
cyclists and members of the public or even cyclists between themselves - there was
litigation once in a bunch sprint for a signpost which ended in a pile up and one rider
commencing a claim against another. LCL is not a Cycling Club but does fully support the practice of cyclists being properly insured
whilst cycling on the public highway. This protects you (the rider), against a monetary claim by a third party against you,
for example damage to the owner of a car or personal injury to a pedestrian, your insurer will
pay the claim, of course once your negligence is proven. Likewise should the third party be
proved to be at fault then you would be claiming against their insurer and hopefully you would
expect them to equally be covered. If you do not hold third party cover and have no means to pay any such claim,
any successful court action against you could be made to instruct payment and further,
legal means of protecting such can be made against you or any property you own. There are various options available to take out the cover, never rely on anything that is not
cycling specific. One such body is British Cycling (BC), taking one of their membership
options. These would currently be Gold, Silver and Ride memberships when joining.
Worth a brief mention that Gold actually includes some personal accident cover should you
suffer certain injuries, but generally speaking personal accident cover is an entirely different
type of insurance, for instance it may be linked to your job especially if you are self employed
or perhaps your employer does not pay your wages if you are off sick long term. Joining CTC Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) as a full member also includes third party insurance. There are private policies available as well of course, these may include cover for cycling and
or also include other forms of covers as aforementioned, but always ensure the cover includes
cycling specifically. If you need to make a claim against another, then always handy to know that your third party
insurer will also take this up on your behalf, both BC and CTC employ established Solicitors
and will do so for you. There are cycling specific Solicitors also available, in fact quite a lot,
you may see them mentioned in various cycling magazines. useful links NOTE: this guide is merely that, a guide only, I nor LCL do not guarantee anything written
or the validity of any legal matters, other than raising awareness of being properly insured
whilst cycling. So, do not contact me about any errors or inaccuracies or legal matters I may
have mentioned. Written by S.Whiteside General Secretary Vice President Cleveleys Road Club 7.1.2014

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