In Case of Emergency ICE


In Case of Emeregency "ICE"


Cleveleys Road Club recommends all cyclists carry contact details, this is absolutely vital if on your own or even with others, you may be a new member and not known by all in the club yet. In the event of an accident then obtaining your family contact details and any existing medical conditions is vital to first responders at a scene.

The Club maintains a membership database and officals of the club can also access this at any time should the need arise (and it has) and we can also access it online using a smart phone out on a ride. Therefore so important for our members to keep us upto date with your details, our membership card also has "ICE" on the reverse and we recommend you carry this on rides.

There are many ways of carrying your details with you, add "ICE" in your Mobile, helmets quite often come with a name and address sticker inside them, have a frame sticker made with either your name or the club name and your phone number as well, Flandria Bikes make custom frame stickers. There are various wrist bands, dog tags, helmet sticker sets also available, see links below for further info. If anyone comes across other systems let me know and I will add them below.

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