Palatine Guidance

The Club currently hires Palatine Cycling Circuit every thursday evening 7.30pm to 9.30pm.


Some guidance for use we are insisting on please:


  • The circuit will need to be checked beforehand for any debris that could cause an accident, especially in the dark areas, so some sighting laps please by those there first and remove any debris, be useful anyone coming by car if they can bring a brush saves borrowing one.
  • You must have a rear and a front light to ensure riders can be seen by others until it is light enough from start to finish ie summer months
  • Racing others, fixed or TT bikes will not be allowed, again for the safety of others.
  • The circuit will be used for light to moderate training, riders may train solo or in groups, chaingang will be permitted (not at elswick like speeds though) providing changes are done once only per lap and at the start/finish line only.
  • The circuit is booked for CRC and FREE to 1st Claim members only, to use whether you wish to get some midweek training done instead of the turbo or just come down for general riding and fun. Anyone may join the club as 1st Claim even if you race for other clubs.
  • We have use of the Dryside Facilities inside the Palatine building for changing/washing, go through front entrance, turn right before reception, go through door, down corridor on the left side.
  • Please remember you are representing the club when using the track and facilities, any problems let me or Peter Jack know.

Save riding all.

Club Sec

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