Racing Team Rules

Cleveleys Road Club Racing Team
(Road Racing, Time Trials, inc Hilly and Hill Climb)
(last edit 13.11.2017)

The club reserves the right to amend or update these rules at any time in particular free awarded kit is subject to club finances and condition thereof.

The Club
Mission Statement
The Cleveleys Road Club Racing Team will provide a team environment for club members who are committed to competitive road racing (BC) and cycling time trials (CTT). The team will seek to provide an enjoyable and competitive environment for race team members. Race team members will be expected to meet and follow the terms of this document. They will support each other, train together and behave with good manners and be good representative of the club at all times.
The team will be managed by the Racing Team Captain appointed by the club committee who will guide and advise riders.

The Racing Member

Will use the clubs website and facebook page to post news of forthcoming races, results, and generally promote the racing aspect of the club, contributions are expected on a regular basis.
Will support and promote our club through representation in events.
Will support other team members and train with them and join club training rides.
Will help with any events.
Will submit your race results when asked to do so.


Team Members may aim for the qualifications on any CTT course in any CTT events, open, semi open, Inter or club events or road race open or closed circuits or crits.
Team members are bound by the club Constitution and Rules at all times.  

Entry Criteria
Open to any current club member that represents this club in racing events.
Achieves the Qualification requirements below whilst riding for the club.
Submits this form to the Racing Team Captain with evidence of qualification.

Qualifications for free Racing Team Kit
Racing team members may build up points as below towards free kit.
Commence already with 20 points from qualifying.
Written evidence must be produced if you wish to claim free kit consisting of date, name of event, time recorded, points claimed.
We do not accept evidence from Strava.

Applying the event..................................................... or completed..........................................and apply to join the Racing Team and have fully read, accept and understood this document.

Accepted onto the Racing Team by....................................on....................... for and on behalf of the Club Committee.


Time Trials - Qualification Speeds to join the Racing Team
Calculation is by 60/Time*Distance, spreadsheet formula is 60/Time*Distance/1440

All categories
Achieving a minimum 20mph average in any TT (worth 20 points)

Road Racing/Crits
Complete any road race or crit (worth 20 points)

Free Kit

FREE Racing Team CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey or equivalent run or tri top.

A standard short sleeve racing team jersey will be awarded for reaching 300 points, this does not have to be in one season.

FREE Racing Team Bib Shorts or equivalent tri shorts.

Standard bib shorts will be awarded for reaching 600 points, this does not have to be in one season.

FREE Short Sleeve Skinsuit or equivalent tri suit.

A standard short sleeve skinsuit will be awarded for reaching 600 points, if a rider waives his right to the free above jersey and bib shorts, this does not have to be in one season. This is a one off award only.

FREE Racing Team short sleeve speedsuit or long sleeve speedsuit or equivalent tri suit.

Any rider who already has 300 points or more from previous rides and subsequently achieves a ride of an average speed of over 30mph a speedsuit will be awarded, this is a one off only award.  

Free Further Racing Team CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey, Bib Shorts or other garments including run or tri items.
Once a rider has reached 600 points and claimed a jersey and bib shorts or skin suit, their points will be reset to zero. Riders then restart from zero towards 750 points for any single garment under £60 (as-shown website price), once reached and claimed their points are reset to zero and they may commence again.

Points System Time Trials

Points toward Free Racing team kit as follows:-

<20mph -20 points
21mph - 21 points
22mph - 22 points
23mph - 23 points
24mph - 24 points
25mph - 25 points
26mph - 26 points
27mph - 27 points
28mph - 28 points
29mph - 29 points
30mph - 30 points
31mph - 31 points
32mph - 32 points
33mph - 33 points
34mph - 34 points
35mph - 35 points

Guides time/speed

10 TT Guide time/speed

30 - 20.00mph -
29 - 20.69mph
28 - 21.43mph
27 - 22.22mph
26 - 23.08mph
25 - 24.00mph
24 - 25.00mph
23 - 26.09mph
22 - 27.27mph
21 - 28.57mph
20 - 30.00mph
19 - 31.58mph
18 - 33.33mph
17 - 35.29mph

Points System Road Races/Crits

Points toward Free Racing team kit as follows:-

30 points for every road race or crit completed

25 TT Guide time/speed

75- 20.00mph
74- 20.27mph
73- 20.55mph
72- 20.83mph
71- 21.13mph
70- 21.43mph
69- 21.74mph
68- 22.06mph
67- 22.39mph
66- 22.73mph
65- 23.08mph
64- 23.44mph
63- 23.81mph
62- 24.19mph
61- 24.59mph
60- 25.00mph
55- 27.27mph
54- 27.78mph
53- 28.30mph
52- 28.85mph
51- 29.41mph
50- 30.00mph

50/100/12hr/24hr TT Guide as to average speeds and time
Calculation is by 60/Time*Distance, spreadsheet formula is 60/Time*Distance/1440

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