Club Ride

Inters Sunday Ride 7th April 2019

Only three inters turned up on a chilly spring morning, all hoping the sun might make an appearance later on. Ian was all giddy having come back from a cycling trip to Majorca and braved it in his shorts to show his tan off. We waited and we waited at the bus stop but there were to be no more, so the three of us set off to Chipping for a brew. Usual route through Rawcliffe to St Michaels and then on past guys court. Coble corner wasn't to busy. Tris suggested leaving via the mill pond to the rear of the cafe, it'll be nice he said, it'll cut the corner off he said, but he had forgotten about the series of brutal short climbs all with an hours worth of cafe legs. It was a fairly nice pace with a light tailwind on the way home, nothing quite compares to a silky smooth summer bike with a tailwind. The sun eventually made an appearance towards the end of the morning lifting the temperature from 8 degrees up to nearly 13. Around 40 easy miles to help get our fitness back. Riders today were Steve, Tris, and giddy Ian

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