CS Performance Intermediate Jacket - sample review

Our Kit Supplier Champion Systems (CS) has been introducing new garments and features, the original long sleeve tech fleece jacket has been replaced with the Performance Intermediate Jacket, I have a sample in my possession to review. 
The orginal tech fleece was a great allround performer, whilst it didn't have any features, it's only job was to keep you warm and with a fleece lining and brush fleeced finish it was very cosy and snug, one of my favourite garments I possess. The brushed fleece is though quite suspect to surface damage so you do need to look after them and treat them well, just as you should with any peformance garment. Mine are still looking good and keep me very toasty on cold days. 
The replacement for this is now the Performance Intermediate Jacket £79, this has some new features including a very noticeable drop rear tail, sufficent for me to call up a sample to investigate for myself and the club members. I've compared this to my existing jackets, first impression was it felt a bit more weighty, this might be the new "winter Fleece Thermal Roubaix lycra" construction so maybe even more toasty. It has the usual rear three pockets and now has a waterproof zip pocket built in, using a concealed YKK zipper it is nicely stealthy hidden from view, the zip pocket didn't feel to "crinkly" neither, something I don't like having on the thinner short sleeve jerseys, useful all the same for your pennies and gels. There is a reflective strip at the bottom on the rear and I found the overall fit better than my Tech Fleece of the same size, it is standard cut but felt a bit snugger everywhere, the front zipper has the security tab at the top and bottom as well. 
Now the important feature change, the existing jackets do all have a rear extra drop tail for added protection, the new jacket has extended this a little longer and curved, it also has anti slip grip band as well so it doesn't ride up your back. For me I would prefer not to have this (or as an optional add-on), I would rather have a lighter garment with the more sporty fitted look than something that has taken a feature from a waterproof. If you ride with mudguards then this is not needed, if not then you will get wet and mucky regardless. Once arrived it did look better than the stock photos on the CS website, however I will leave you all to decide on that, it's a no drop policy from me though. 
Overall then I would offer that for the money this is a very good value feature packed garment and in club colours all for £79 great piece of kit. 
https://champsys.uk/collections/cycling-outerwear/products/tech-fleece-long-sleeve-jersey performance intermediate Jacket rear 002

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