Kit Order 2019

Kit Order, we have been trying for a few months now but we do not have enough member requests, the minimum order required by CS is 10 items, any order the club opens will self terminate if the order is not 10 or more. Personally I would like to see CS reduce this for their current customers (make it 10 for new customers first time), even down to a minimum of 8 would make a huge difference for all clubs particulary smaller clubs, I will work on them but don't get your hopes up.
Please spread the word to your fellow members and if we can generate around say 5-7 items I will ask the club to make up with club stock, I can't guarantee that as we already hold stock, if anyone wants any kit or wants to try on for size before ordering then arrange that with Craig Miller. 
Please pass on members interest by posting on our facebook page or in th forum on here or let me or Colin Worth know and we will count the order numbers and assess whether we can meet the 10 item requirement and open a club order. It's a shame really as the system works against us and it does not seem fair that those that want kit can't have any, but that is the current system in place.

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