CRC has 2 facebook pages

Group name change
To all our fab members please note that on Wednesday 30th Jan the name of the facebook group Cleveleys Road Club (Members Only) will change to CRC Members Group. This is to prevent any confusion with the new Cleveleys Road Club page which will be the public…Read more

Club Social Media Refresh

Whether you like or loathe social media it ain't going away.

Best to embrace it as much as we can and with a club with the history of Cleveleys what better way of showing the world what we are doing now or what we've done down the years than to document this on one of the worlds…
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Kit Order Spring

Potentially might open an order if enough members require kit, we need 10 items, I am trying to get some examples sent to us, hoping for some of the new winter jacket range and maybe others too, if these arrive in time will bring to Awards Night.
Any members interested please post…
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PETTS Eve 10 - changes 2019

Please see the PETTS Website for full information on this years series.
Briefly changes are L101 Hampson Green A6 course will be used, HQ Winmarleigh Village Hall (except hill climb), ALL riders MUST marshall one event however none PETTS riders can still…Read more

bit more info Awards Night

Prize presentation, Singleton Village Hall , Wednesday Feb 6th,
I am pleased to say that prizes will be presented by Mrs Anne Thorpe. Although the hot pot supper is provided free I would be grateful if members would let me know if they will be attending so that we know…
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